You should study Japanese before going to work in Japan

Do you know that Japanese is one of the 10 most popular languages in the world, but also one of the three most difficult languages to learn today? If you want to work in Japan, learning Japanese is an indispensable process. Perhaps it is one of the hardest challenges for anyone.
However, you should turn it into motivation, because by good communication in Japanese you will have many advantages after returning home.
Before going further into the benefits of studying Japanese, I would like to share some statistics on salary - point levels based on current Japanese level (in Vietnam).
Japanese level N2: 400 – 800 $
Japanese level N1 (The highest level): 1000 - 1500 $
Japanese level N2 and professional knowledge: 1000 – 1500 $
Japanese level N1 and professional knowledge: 1500 – 2000 $
Japanese level N2 and English (ex. TOEIC 650): 1000 – 1500 $
Learning Japanese needs a clear goal. Some want to learn it to work, some want to learn in Japan or want to be promoted or salary to be raised. In general, everyone has a certain goal when choosing to learn this language.
Shorten time for preparing to work in Japan
There is one thing for sure that if your Japanese ability is good, it will be easier for you to pass the recruiting exams to work in Japan and at the same time, it reduces the time and costs for training you.
Japanese companies also prefer candidates who have good Japanese ability, because only the people who have good communication, comprehension, and listening can do a good job. So if you are planning to work in Japan, you should study Japanese at once!
Get opportunities to discover and experience Japanese culture
Many of you go to Japan not only for study or working purpose but also for exploration and experience of Japanese culture. Or simply you love Japanese movies, comics or music that will motivate you to come to Japan. Learning Japanese through animation, stories, music, etc. is one of the interesting methods that are effective.
Get ready for future career opportunities
Japan has always been a strategic partner of many countries in the world, including Vietnam, with companies with Japanese investment, it is becoming increasingly important for employees to communicate fluently in Japanese.
Popular Japanese jobs in Vietnam include: Programmers, interpreters, nurses, translators, Japanese language teachers, assistants, technicians, etc.
- Going to Japan without Japanese language skills is easy for you to miss in interviews or recruiting exams.
- When you do not have the ability to communicate well in Japanese, even if you are recruited, you will find it difficult to adapt to your new life in Japan.
- And the last thing you can do is to improve your career in Japan.
Therefore, it is very necessary to study Japanese for working abroad, even for those who intend to work abroad or for ones that want to work in Japanese companies

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