In order to create conditions for studying and working for you, TIC - INTERNATIONAL JOINT STOCK COMPANY has cooperated with Universities in Taiwan as National Chin-Yi University (Can Ich) and organized recruitment for students in February and September 2018.

1. Participants:
- Vietnamese citizen.
- Quantity: 120 students
- Male, Female: 18-28 years old
- Graduating from high school with a GPA of 6.0 or above
2. Major Introduction: There are 3 faculties:
- Faculty of Information Management and Collaboration, recruiting 3 branches:
+ Traffic Management (Freight)
+ Information Technology Management (IT)
+ Business Administration
- Faculty of Information and Communication Collaboration recruits Information Technology
- Faculty of Mechanical Cooperation selects Engineering
3. The total cost the students must pay before leaving the country:
TOTAL COST = Exit fee of USD 2,300 + Tuition to learn Chinese language in Vietnam of 5,000,000 VND
4. Treatment for studying in Taiwan
- Tuition fee: Free for 1 whole year of tuition
- Scholarship:
- Basic scholarships:
To ensure that students are interested in studying, the school lends 3,000 USD to students in the first year through the method of transferring money to the students’ accounts every month about USD 200 (NTD 6,000) (*)
Every year the school organizes regular examinations, if they pass the first, second and third year exams, they will be awarded USD 3,000 by the school as a scholarship. If they do not pass the regular exam until the end of year 3, they will have to return the school USD 3,000.
- Scholarship of excellent type: For the students with excellent academic achievement: the scholarship of the first and second years can be about USD 2,000; the third and fourth years are approximately 5,250 USD.
(*) The students can receive USD 3,000, minusing the cost for accommodation in the first year of USD 600, so they actually receive USD 2,400 and do not have to pay the first year dormitory fee. The school will transfer 200 USD per month for 12 months.
5. Conditions of accommodation and overtime in Taiwan:
- In the first year, the students are arranged to live in the 7-floor dormitory of the school, the dormitory fee is about USD 600 /year.
If the students cannot afford the cost, they will be able to work overtime 20 hours/week.
- In the second, third and fourth year: The school cooperates with businesses to facilitate part-time work for the students. They will live in dormitories of the workshops for a fee of USD 1,000 per year.
+ Year 2, Year 3, the students can work 4 days/week, receiving salary of NTD 17,000/month.
+ In year 4, the student works full time, receiving a salary equivalent to NTD 22,000/month.
6. The admission period:
Continuous admissions; exit after 3-5 months
One year with 2 admission periods: in February and September each year
7. Procedures:
- Graduation diploma from high school or high school graduation certificate, high school transcript
- Household registration book (with the original version), or the Birth certificate (03 copies of the extract)
- Student identity card, parent’s ID card, 4 4x6 cm photos and 5 3.5x4.5 cm photos (white background photo not taken more than 06 months)
- Ordinary passport (submit the original)
Note: All required documents must be photocopied on 1 side of A4 paper and notarized into 3 copies, notarized within 3 months.
Tuition fees for the following years: USD 1,700/1 semester.

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