Continuously admission large numbers of students to study abroad - Study and work in Taiwan with specific information as follows:

Study program in Taiwan
Study abroad (Chinese language study, university study).
For high school or college graduates, average academic achievement is 6.0 or higher each year.
Basic Chinese (or English) certificates include (Certificate of Chinese origin issued by the Taiwan Education Center, Level 1 TOCFL Certificate issued by the Taiwan Ministry of Education, or English Certificates TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS)
Upon completion of 1 – 2 years language study (depending on the student), you may apply for the undergraduate degree program.
* College:
Applicants for university or above must provide a certificate of TOCEF level 2 or above.
Students enrolled in undergraduate programs in the first year of study must provide a TOCFL Level 1 or higher certificate.
Or one of three levels of English: TOEFL: 385 (TOEFL - IBT: 26), IELTS: 3.0 or higher, TOEIC: 375 points or more.
* admission participants
Male / Female: From 18 to 28, graduated from high school, college, college or university (do not graduate more than 5 years).
Have a clear family background, have aspirations to study in Taiwan and family support.
Workers in Taiwan and returned legally certified Middle Level 2 (never deported by Taiwan).
Health: guaranteed for study and work
* Duration of study and extra work:
- For language learning: You only have to study 3 - 4 hours / day in the morning or afternoon, study from Monday to Friday (Free Saturday and sunday).
- For college students: the time will be in the school's arrangement
- Part-time work: the company will provide additional job counseling for students to work in Taiwan, depending on the job, depending on the time you join the work, every one hour you will earn: 110 to 150 NT$ per hour. The exchange rate is around 1 NT$ = 700 VND
Study abroad (study and work according to faculty)
- Subjects: Men and women graduated from high school. Do not accept students with social diseases and color blindness
- Age: 18-25 years old.
- Tuition and first semester (4 months), students have to bring 4 million VND / month to cover the first semetr. (not allowed to work in the first period).
From 2nd semestertake internship at electronics engineering company or hotel.
- Time for studying and working: starting from 2nd semester (1 week: 5 working days, 8 hours per days, 1 daystudy , 1 dayworking). Salary: $ 736 / month.
*** Special:
Students do not need to take the exam.
not interviewed by the office of economic and cultural North in Vietnam.
only through the approval of the school.
Chinese language level: basic.Documents include: (Original)
- High school degree + transcript (Original)
- Chinese language certificate, College or University + transcript (if applicable)
- Birth certificate (copy).
- ID card of student and parent (photo notarized on A4 page).
- Household registration (photo notarized on A4 size).
- Curriculum vitae (in the form of company)
- Passport (not added later)
- 08 photos 3 × 4, 08 photos 4 × 6, 8 photos 4,5 × 4,5 (white shirt with neck on white background)

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