Studying in Korea is the best way for young people to work in Korean businesses, live in Korea and be a Korean citizen. The home market, the people who pull together to learn Korean and naturally accompanied by hundreds of Korean language teaching centers have emerged since the Korean news Officially, the reopening of the market for receiving Vietnamese laborers, however, it is still high due to the fact that the number of Vietnamese laborers living in Korea is still highly modest.

There is demand "to meet the needs of working in Korea, in addition to the form of labor export for many young people have registered as a student-learning just work. A form of "new Korean labor export"
Nguyen Ha Trang shared that:
 "Studying in Korea" is the best way for young people to work in Korean businesses, live in Korea and be a Korean citizen.
Expenses for studying in Korea are just learning.
The total cost of studying in Korea at colleges or universities will range from 200 - 250 million VND.
Students will spend the first time to stabilize their learning and living. In the following years students will study and pay all their living and studying expenses. In many cases, students save money to send home
Overseas students work in Korea from 30 to 50 million per month
In addition to the class hours, students are allowed to work more from 4h - 6h / day
Income of about 30 - 50 million VND / month, depending on the work and ability of each Korean.
Vacation time in a school year up to 3 months you can do 8h - 12h / day the income brings you high from 500 to 750 million / year
"As a Korean artiste, from childhood I dreamed of studying and living in Korea." After graduating from high school, I asked my parents to study in Korea while studying. She is also a regular public servant, so her family has to borrow all over. After completing the procedures for admission and stable life, Korean language is quite good to get a job immediately. At a fast food place close to home, the owner is quite easy and comfortable so he quickly catch up and integrate with life here. - 20 million per month after subtracting all daily living expenses, compared with the income you choose to go to work in Korea, your income level more ponds. "
Learning time:
International students learn from Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday are free. Every day from 3 to 3.5 hours per day
In addition, you are entitled to traditional and seasonal holidays, (very long seasonal holidays such as the winter season can take more than a month off and other seasons)
Students take the initiative to learn before going, avoiding the loss of money
Overseas students actively study the company before going to study abroad in Korea
 Currently there are many consulting companies studying abroad to study in Korea, the minimum wage is up to 2000 USD (equivalent to 40 million / month) even up to 50 million / month, you need to find understand thoroughly. Can not anyone do the same? How does working conditions earn new income? What is the capacity of the company to work for international students in Korea? Where do you study and what are the minimum wage levels there?

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