Liên tục tuyển học sinh, sinh viên, người có nguyện vọng đi du học tại Nhật theo chương trình vừa Học vừa Làm.

I. PACKAGE PROGRAM PACKAGE: 180 - 230 million (depending on school and region) INCLUDE:
Tuition for six months (or one year) in Japan
Money in the dormitory in Japan 03 - 06 months
Apply for Japanese language proficiency test.
Translate the profile
Proof of income.
Visa application fee, admission offer.
2 head airport transfers.
 Demonstrate financial
Airfare The TIC undertakes that, in addition to the above fees, there will be no charges incurred during the visa process.
- Male / Female Age: From 18 to 32, graduated from high school, college, college or university.
- Have a clear background, aspiring to study in Japan and be supported by family.
Trainees and trainees who have graduated in Japan and returned to their home countries with Japanese N2 certificates (never expelled by the Immigration Department of Japan).
- Health: guaranteed for study and work, not mandatory examination.
1. Time to study and work:
* Duration:
- Learn Japanese 3 - 6 months in Vietnam
- Study in Japan for 4-6 years: It is compulsory to study Japanese 1 year 3 months to 2 years depending on the enrollment period. Then you study at Intermediate 2, College 3 years, University 4 years depending on your choice.
You only need to study 3 - 4 hours a day in the morning or afternoon, learn from Monday to Friday (get 7 and Sunday).
* Additional time in Japan:
Upon arrival in Japan, the company ensures 100% of the schools recommend DHS employment after 2 - 4 weeks if you have a need. Opportunity to work unlimited time, rich work and monthly income of about $ 1,000 to $ 2,500.
The income in Japan depends on the job: from 800 yen to 1500 yen per hour, the exchange rate is 1 yen = 220 VND, so the income equals 176,000 VND to 330,000 VND / hour.
2. Documents include: (Original)
- Certificate III + transcript (Original)
- Intermediate, College or University + transcript (if applicable)
- Birth certificate (copy).
- ID card of student and parent (photo notarized on A4 page).
- Household registration (photo notarized on A4 size).
- Curriculum vitae (in the form of company)
- Passport (not added later)

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