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Not only exquisite in appearance, Japanese dishes also have a very special taste, when studying in Japan you will find extremely interesting.

In Japan there are seasonal dishes, according to the weather from the northern Hokkaido region to the tropical climate of Okinawa in the South so rich and unique that when you arrive in Japan can not miss Japanese food
Sushi is one of the best dishes of Japanese cuisine, even very popular abroad. Sushi is delicious in the freshness of raw materials combined with the subtle, clever use of the kitchen knife. Sushi is a unique blend of fish and rice with vinegar, outside wrapped in seaweed, or placed on rectangular biscuits.
Nabe is a Japanese favorite dish and is eaten in winter, made from seafood, beef, chicken and vegetables. The ingredients are arranged on a flat plate for each person to eat their favorite dishes. . Common Nabe types are mizutaki, yudofu, udonsaki, kanisuki, dotenabe, shabushabu and sukiyaki. The most popular Nabe in Japan is Yosenabe, Yose means "put together", so the Yosenabe phrase means that everything like meat, fish, eggs, tofu and vegetables are cooked together in a pot. Yosenabe is often eaten with Miso or soy sauce. The most common nabe are mizutaki, yudofu, udonsuki, sukiyaki and mostly beef.
Ramen noodles
This golden dish served with pork, fat, eggs and miso has made the name of Sapporo cuisine. Not only Sapporo, Yokohama has a whole museum. There are also routes to follow to find the delicious noodles. For the Japanese, ramen noodles are associated with the history of their country. It is the food of the poor and of the times of scarcity. It has also fed many generations of poor students. According to the local people, to enjoy the ramen noodles, to enjoy the atmosphere and the sharing of small shops, must like the humming, swallowing of the noise of the eaters, which Europeans are considered vulgar: But in Japan, every social class has eaten that noodle. I sometimes hear a few short sentences, because people come there not to chat. The face of a person often disappears after a bowl of noodles, raised up to the mouth so that no drop of water or a noodle falls to the ground.
Takoyaki is a traditional Osaka street food, best known to young people in Osaka. The round cakes are crispy, eaten with sauces, chopped octopus, scallions, ginger and sauce. mayonnaise to make one tasted once had to broth. Takoyaki mini bars are scattered all over Osaka streets, usually for tourists, students, or couples. The way the Osaka merchants do Takoyaki is no different than an artist subliming with his artwork. They poured the sauce, put in half the cake, cover the other half up and then use the chopsticks overturned the cake at an amazing speed. Next to the Takoyaki sticks are a bunch of grilled octopus filled with chili sauce and Mayonnaise.
Horse meat is pre-processed to be soft, giving a medium sweet taste and reduced hardness. The method is very simple, just dry the meat, taste remains, the meat fibers will stretch. Horse meat is also called Japanese Sakuraniku (ie cherry blossom meat). Horse meat is commonly used in Basashi - raw horse meat, Japanese people especially like to eat raw meat. The meat is sliced ​​thinly as sheets, soaked in water mixed with red ginger, this dish is abundant in Izakayas.
Okonomiyaki is the name of the cake, which is grafted with the words "Okonomi" (optional) and "yaki" (grilled). Okonomiyaki hinted that this is a baked cake made of flour with artificial parts, custom. The beans of Okonomiyaki can be cabbage, eggs, pork or seafood and other ingredients. All mixed in flour then baked on an iron plate, quite similar to western pizzas. This dish comes from Osaka but the "version" in Hiroshima is best known. Unlike Osaka's Okonomiyaki, the Okonomiyaki in Hiroshima is quite elaborate and sophisticated. The first layer is powdered flour with water or seaweed soup to enhance the taste. Next comes the chopped cabbage and baked ingredients such as sliced ​​pork, green onion, octopus, shrimp, squid, ginger, pickled red vinegar and noodles. The sauce must have good taste, texture and sweetness. This is a very important factor in determining the tastiness of the cake.
Yudofu is a very easy to make and easy to find dish in Kyoto, the capital of Japan. Yudofu is usually placed in a thickly browned brown bowl, in which pieces of tofu are cooked with seafood flavored, added with freshly-cut ginger slices and some green beans decorated. a little bit of black sesame seeds sprinkle fragrant aroma ...
And many other dishes are very attractive, but whoever travels them

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