13 irresistible dishes of Japan

Japanese dishes have been formed and perfected for centuries, each with its own distinctive character, offering a delightful dining experience.

Sushi, tempura, takoyaki ... are famous specialties of the country of sunrise that you definitely have to try once in life.
Here we will introduce 13 most unique dishes for you to imagine the most general of Japanese cuisine art.
Sushi is a Japanese delicacy, popular with people around the world, bringing soul of Japanese cuisine.
This is a great combination of fresh seafood such as tuna, salmon, octopus and Japanese fragrant rice.
Puffer fish - Fugu
This is a delicious dish but potentially dangerous death. In fish that contain toxins, it is difficult to do and must be handled by skilled artisans.
This fish is served with sashimi sauce and is the best and the best.
Eel Grilled - Unagi
This dish is very nutritious, many minerals, vitamins, good for human health can be eaten with rice.
When you eat, you feel the chewiness, softness and deliciousness of the flavors in the grilled sauce.
Kobe beef
This is the world famous meat from Kobe in Kobe, Japan.
The cows here are very cared for "eating grass, listening to symphony, drinking 10 liters of beer a day".
Considered expensive red meat, its taste is indescribable, soft and sweet.
The meat is beautiful and fragile in the marble.
Okonomiyaki cakes
A dish that uses wheat flour mixed with other ingredients such as cabbage, seafood, eggs, and then baked on a specialized tool called Teppan.
This is the famous dish of Osaka and Hiroshima with two different types.
However, according to regions where water is used differently.
Gyoza is native to China.
Gyoza after completion has crispy crust, the inside hot, sweet, juicy meat fascinated extremely.
Grilled Squid Ikayaki
This is the most commonly served squid in the izakaya (small food stalls or pubs) or Japanese festivals. The squid body is scanned in a spoonful of soy sauce and chopped.
Eggs Omurice
Omurice is an egg roll rice outside, imported into Japan from the West, today is very popular with the Japanese.
Not only attractive colors, diverse designs, this dish also has unique flavor, easy to process.
Hot pot Shabushabu
ShabuShabu is a dish typical of the country of Japan, using thin sliced beef dipping into hot pot boiling water.
Like Sukiyaki, the main ingredients are beef, sliced vegetables, served with sauces.
This is a kind of Japanese hot pot, along with ShabuShabu, which symbolizes the delicate cuisine of Japan.
The dipping sauce, sweet, pieces of beef after being dipped in hot pot, picking up the dot with raw eggs, delicious.
Eat with this hot pot with cheddar, bun.
This is Osaka's famous sidewalk snack.
Octopus is cut into small pieces used as a cake inside the pie, served with sauces, Katsuobushi fish, seaweed.
Takoyaki will make you "fall in love" right from the first try.
Oyakodon is a good meal for every Japanese family, and rice bowls for parents and children.
"Oya" means parent, "ko" means baby, "don" is the first letter of "donburi" meaning bowl of rice, the source of this dish.
Oyakodon is a raw chicken rice dish.
Tonkatsu fried rice
Tonkatsu is a late 19th-century dish, now very popular among Japanese daily meals.
Chilled meats, pepper, lightly sprinkled with flour, then served with sauces, cabbage cut.

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