SDS (Study Direct Stream) is a priority visa program for students in four countries Vietnam, India, China and the Philippines that wish to study in Canada. SDS is officially applied in Vietnam from March 15, 2018 and works in parallel with the CES program (Canada Express Study). However, the CES program ended on June 30, 2018.

Studying in Canada under SDS Program is considered an extended version of CES when the conditions for financial proof are unchanged. That means the students only have to pay a full year of tuition and buy Scotiabank's Guaranteed Investment Certificate GIC worth 10,000 CAD.
However, the other conditions have significant changes. Specifically:
The students have right to select to study at any school in the DLI list (allowing International Admissions in Canada).
So what are the advantages and challenges of Study Direct Stream in Canada?


- Firstly, the procedures for proving finance are simpler and have advantages for the majority of Vietnamese families. Instead of proving financially through cumbersome paperwork, the students only need to pay a full year of tuition fee and buy Scotiabank's Guaranteed Investment Certificate GIC worth 10,000 CAD.
- Secondly, the students can choose to study any program at all levels (after high school) in any school listed in the DLI published by IRCC, unlike the CES program that is implemented from 2016, the students can only select in the list of 55 schools. Thus, the expanded learner is all students who need to study undergraduate or graduate programs, which were previously restricted when most CES schools are colleges.
- Thirdly, the rate of getting a visa is higher and the time to consider visa is shorter than studying abroad in the area of normal financial proof.


Although following the SDS program the students will have more diverse options, the input requirements are higher. Accordingly, they need to achieve an IELTS score of at least 6.0 for all skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing (no skills below 6.0). Meanwhile, when following the previous CES, the students only need to achieve IELTS 5.0 and no skills below 4.5. This is a big challenge for the majority of Vietnamese students.

In addition, the Government of Canada has now tightened in approving the students’ applications more and more, especially for financial proofs. Therefore, learning a foreign language is becoming an urgent and indispensable need for the students in the preparation period for studying abroad.
With many years of teaching and training foreign languages, along with a team of experienced teachers in the field of IELTS training, when you come to TIC, you will receive IELTS training from the basic class until you reach the conditions English as your desire. This will be a basic premise for you to realize your dream of studying in Canada. New courses are still opened every month to meet the growing learning needs of the students.
Besides, after completing the IELTS course, you will be supported to choose schools, choose the majors suitable to your abilities and desires, and to process your files for studying abroad quickly, neatly and exactly.
For more information, please contact the hotline: 097 208 9168.

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