Canada, the second largest country in the world after the Russian Federation, and will continue to be an attractive place for young people around the world to study and live. In addition the majestic natural landscape, magnificent architecture, Canada is also known for its multi-faceted culture, advanced education and extremely good social welfare

Canada Natural Landscape:Located in the North of South America, stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, the diversity of geography, ecology, vegetation and terrain here gives this country many beautiful and romantic landscapes. Explore the majestic Niagara Falls, watch the sky in the town of Yellow knife, catch the dawn on the snow mountain Kananaskis or spend time on the sunflower fields of Saskatchewan, you will be really fascinated by Canada's beautiful scenery but not be anywhere else in the world.
Multiculturalism:The immigration of people around the world has created a multicultural and traditions. In addition, the policy encourages the development of contemporary art and culture of the government increasingly makes the spiritual life more comfortable. In Canada, people who live and visit can admire thousands of architectural works and art museums across the country to discover and explore the millions of masterpieces of Canadian artists and beyond. world. In addition, you can take part in the arts and culture festivals that take place around the year to get together in the vibrant and warmth of Canadians. The Tulip Festival in Ottawa, the Heritage Festival, the Edmondon Flavors Festival, the Celebraton of Light Fireworks Festival ... are cultural parties that anyone can not miss.
3.     Developed economy:
Canada has an extremely developed economy, one of the richest countries in the world with annual GDP of over $ 1,400,000. Owning the 9th largest economy, Canada is an ideal destination for those who want to find opportunities for growth and want a stable, prosperous life. With a GDP per capita of more than US $ 40,000, Canadians are classified as having high per capita incomes.
Canada is not only one of the leading countries in the manufacturing industry but also has a highly developed industry and service industry. The unemployment rate is low, the economy is growing steadily and constantly growing, Canada is always considered a perfect choice.
4.     The most advanced and modern education in the world:
The Canadian Education System consists of public and private schools that range from kindergarten to university. This is a modern education and is considered one of the best education in the world. Training standards are applied uniform throughout the territory, Canadian schools are always provide with modern facilities and apply the training program updated regularly to be fully equipped skills and knowledge for students.
With a world-class learning environment and rigorous quality accreditation, degrees in Canada are approved in all developed countries. Graduates from a Canadian school can easily live and work anywhere in the world.
In addition, Canada has a flexible, and update education system that is fit to companies' recruit requirements , which always attaches quality to the job market. Studying at Canadian schools can quickly integrate into a professional working environment and have an attractive salary.
5.      An advanced society with a very good welfare regime:
Canada is a country of equal rights and peace where it is always listed in one of the most worthy countries in the world. According to the United Nations annual survey of quality of life in 174 countries, Canada is one of the three best living conditions in the world. Many large cities here with dynamic environment, security is guaranteed, fresh environment is the dream destination to live and work of contemporary youth.
Canada is also highly valued by the social welfare system is extremely good to ensure the life of people.
Health insurance: The Government of Canada puts people's health at the forefront of national policies. Canadians benefit from health policies. The cost of services, medical examination and treatment that family doctors, internal medicine doctors are covered by health insurance. Low-income or unemployed people can apply for free health insurance but still enjoy the benefits.
Unemployment insurance: This regime is directly coordinated by the government. In the process of working, the employer and the employer all contribute and insure a certain percentage. When unemployed, workers are entitled to unemployment benefits to ensure life in the process of finding new jobs.
Retirement: Upon retirement, based on the amount of money previously contributed by the employee, the elderly can receive a government pension. Anyone who reaches the age of 65 or retires before the age specified by accident or a particular reason receives this benefit.
Child benefit: The Government of Canada has a welfare policy to support families raising children up to the age of 18, plus additional support for families with 2 or 3 children or more and children from 7 years or less.
In addition, the Government of Canada has other benefits for people such as support for buy housing, support for newcomers ...
Care for the people of Canada is extremely thoughtful and the welfare system is improving with the goal of bringing a happier life for all people living in Canada.  
With the above advantages, to study and live in Canada has been and will be the top choice for young people around the world.

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