Continuously recruit students, who wish to study abroad in Canada under the program of Study and do many preferential regime for students.

1.     Admission
Male / Female Age: 18 - 25, graduated from high school, college, college or university.
 High school records are good or excellent.
2.     Admission procedure
Curriculum and employment opportunities, settled in Canada:
Attend colleges, universities in Canadian .
 Students are studying undergraduate programs in Vietnam can continue their studies in Canada.
Supported by the school to find work within the first month of admission.
Part-time salary: minimum 15USD / hour.
Opportunity visa granted after 2 years of studying in Canada.
3.     Requirements: International students must submit the original documents as follows:
Certificate III + transcript (original + 2 authenticated copies).
 College or University + transcript (2 copies + original). If you are studying, get a certificate of student status.
D card of the student and parents (2 authenticated copies on 1 page).
Household family book (original + 2 authenticated copies on 1 page).
Curriculum vitae 2 copies.
Passport: original + 2 authenticated copies
4 photos 3,5 x 4,5 (white shirt with neck on white background).
2 copies of the judicial certificate issued by the provincial Department of Justice.
Foreign language requirements:
+ English language level of 5.0 + or above or equivalent.
+ The company has an ielts training program for under-qualified students.

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