What is the virus causing illness in Wuhan

The "Wuhan virus" referred to these days is a new strain of the corona strain (symbol 2019-nCoV or nCoV), which has never been detected before. It is considered to come from Wuhan city, Hubei province, central China. In the international press, people often use the word "coronavirus" as a common noun to refer to this new virus.
What are the symptoms of new corona virus in Wuhan?
The new corona virus causes acute pneumonia. People infected with the pneumonia caused by this virus have symptoms such as cough, fever and difficulty breathing. The Guardian newspaper said in serious cases, patients also weakened organs.
Because this is a viral pneumonia, antibiotics do not work, current antiviral drugs used for the common flu are also ineffective.
The best way is still hospital monitoring. To date, most of the coronary virus deaths are elderly and pre-existing, with poor health.

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Ability to spread
The new corona virus is frightening because of its spreading speed. Many worry it will be like the previous SARS and MERS pandemics. In 2002, SARS spread to 37 countries / territories, infected 8,000 people and left 750 dead. MERS, meanwhile, is less contagious from person to person but is potentially more fatal, killing 35% of the 2,500 infected people.
Currently China has confirmed the new corona virus, Wuhan virus, capable of transmitting from person to person. On January 28, an expert at the Robert Koch Institute in Germany said a new virus-positive man was the first human case to spread in Europe.
What you need to know about corona virus causing acute pneumonia in Wuhan!
Currently the virus has spread to 18 countries / territories. In addition to China, 17 other countries / territories have new coronavirus infection including: Hong Kong, Macau, Australia, Cambodia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Nepal, Singapore, Korea, Sri Lanka , Thailand, Taiwan, USA, and Vietnam.
How dangerous is it?
The World Health Organization (WHO) on January 28 raised the alert level for the new corona virus from "moderate" to "high".
Considering the theory of deaths / cases today, the mortality rate for the new coronary disease is about 3%. Even so, the public was still bewildered.
Has there been any medication?
To date, at least China and Vietnam have recovered from their disease after testing positive for this new strain of corona virus. However, there is no specific drug to treat the new virus.
Xinhua News Agency on January 28 reported that researchers in China have selected 30 drugs to test anti-coronary virus causing pneumonia in Wuhan, including existing drugs, traditional medicines and products. naturally has biological activity.
These are not drugs used to treat diseases but were initially selected as "candidate" drugs to be tested, Xinhua quoted a statement from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).
What you need to know about corona virus causing acute pneumonia in Wuhan - Photo 3.
Based on the latest research, the research team screened commercially available drugs, as well as high-performance compounds and medicinal plant compounds. Thereby, they selected 30 types of anti-virus drugs from the combination of screening and enzyme testing.
The selected categories include 12 anti-HIV drugs such as Indinavir, Saquinavir, Lopinavir, Carfilzomib and ritonavir, as well as two respiratory syncytial, schizophrenia and immunosuppressive drugs.
In addition, a number of traditional Chinese drugs that are believed to have an effective anti-viral component of Wuhan, including the Tiger Cudgel (Polygonum cuspidatum), also known as the aura and active blood, are also on the list. Consider using it for treatment.

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