TIC International Joint Stock Company has monthly orders of lunchbox making; and on August 22, a Japanese company recruited for the food order – lunchbox making with the number of the candidates for the examination was 222 trainees.
For Japanese workers in general and the workers of lunchbox making in particular, they still work under the regulations 8 hours/day. Due to the characteristics of the canned food industry in Japan, all year round and non-seasonal, the workers have more work to do overtime.
Therefore, the order of lunchbox making in Japan is one of the “hottest” and most concerned orders from the young who want to work in Japan.
At the TIC Japanese Center at Km 11 +500 Thang Long Avenue, Song Phuong, Hoai Duc, Hanoi, the recruitment for this order was held on August 22. At the beginning of the morning, all the candidates for this examination fully gathered at the Center for preparation.
Photo - Candidates’ preparation
 Preparations for the audition were also taken place urgently, and the reception of the interviewers was done attentively with the participation of the Company's managers, staffs at the Center and the trainees who participate in the recruitment.
The interviewees did their interview under the group of 10 in a room.
Finally, the contest took place successfully, opening a new future for 65 trainees who were selected.
Photo – The trainees selected
On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Company, we wish you good health and effective study. We would like to thank all our partners, benefactors, relatives, friends, siblings, and especially dear trainees who have collaborated with TIC.
For more information, please contact the TIC Admissions Office
Address: 268 Vu Huu, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi or Inbox HERE, we will call you back.

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