while exporting labor with contract 1 year

There are now many brokerage companies that have contracts for exporting Japanese laborers with one-year contract period. The great advantage of these orders is the relatively low cost, due to the seasonal nature of work so much work, fast procedures, fast exit time.
Here are a lot of questions related to these orders show that the trend to Japan to work a year is very interested, if the opportunity to go to the second Japanese labor market will be many people want to join.
1. Can the company tell us about what kind of occupations do Japanese labor exporters work for one-year contracts?
Answer: At present, the tendency of receiving for one year's orders of the factory is usually: laundry, food, seafood, fruit and vegetable harvest ... And women often make up 70-80% which our company TIC
2. I am 24 years old, graduated from high school and working as electronics for a Japanesejoint venture company. I want to go to Japan in the form of export labor to have better financial as you and the acquaintance that you know has gone. However, my family finances are quite limited, only enough to participate in the company's one-year contracts. Can the company tell you if you are going to work abroad for one year, can you go on a three year contract?
Answer: From April of2014, the Japanese government decided to allow foreign trainees working in Japan to renew their contracts for up to five years and can return for a second time. He is a work program for ordinary laborers in Japan. However, this program will apply in April 2015 and is only for trainees in the construction industry. All other trades can not come back for the second time, so no exceptions for one year. In the future, we expect that Japan will expand further with Vietnam in many other industries or in all sectors.
3, Do you have questions that the Japanese labor export orders 1 year have to train the original as 3-year applications (source learning)?
 Candidates who take part in the recruitment of Japanese labor contracts, a one-year contract, are required to learn basic Japanese greetings, introductions and ceremonial cultures. However, the time is very short, only 3-4 days before the factory to receive interviewing organizations selected
4, She completed military service after high school graduation, currently has no work experience. The company asked me: What is the requirement for the Japanese export labor contract in terms of experience and skills?
Most of the 1-year orders to work in Japan companies do not require workers to have skills or skills in the work. This is a very simple thing for ordinary laborers, just a guideline is to do well. Therefore, Japanese enterprises often choose the candidates who are strong, healthy, fast, hardworking, ...
5, Income for Japanese 1 year export orders is higher than 3 year contract?
When signing the contract, these orders are not higher than 3 years. The biggest advantage is that these are enterprises that need seasonal labor, ie the company is many orders, many jobs, labor intensive. Therefore, extra work is often and the monthly income of the employees is usually better than average. But employees also have to pay attention, only when you do good work for 8 hours a day, the new factory creates conditions for you to do more so as not to affect the activities and work.
Here are some questions that many people are concerned about the 1-year order that TIC is recruiting for Japanese enterprises. Any questions regarding the information on the website or the Japanese labor export program can be entered in the contact section for answers.
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