The essence of the labor export market is quite strict in terms of age, as most of the recruitment orders for labor export are accompanied by age requirements.
Especially for working-age people who are male or female must be at least 18 years old, so the issue of choosing age appropriate for orders is one of the things that employers need to choose. Clearly, we now classify the different age groups in the recruitment of the orders and what age is the age that can be said to participate in the most beautiful labor export:
- First we must understand why it is difficult to go to work in Japan at the age of 18
Very few Japanese companies select men and women with age from 18 years old, differently men are almost no recruitment. This is not entirely because the 18-year-old is too young, without work experience, can not bear the pressure of work.
The main reason is the age of 18 year old isdifficult to apply for a visa, especially those who have just graduated from high school by the visa application process, the four types of accommodation need to work from 6 months to 1 year. If 18 years old want to go often have to quit high school level, only take junior high school (junior high school).
- The age of easy to export labor in Japan is:
Every day, the team of consultants of xuatkhaunhatban.com received many questions from elaborate people about their age is suitable to export labor in Japan or not? Which age is suitable for which industries? Below we will answer most of the readers' questions about the proper age in Japan.
- What age can enter the market?
The Japanese labor export program for general practice in Japan is called the skill training program. According to the nature of this program, this is a dispatch program, the company in Vietnam dispatches employees to businesses in the same industry in Japan to study and work for a term. Therefore, this program participants need to learn Japanese, have to enter the selection (popular density is 1: 2 or 1: 3 is the minimum).
By the nature of the program, the young, talented, rich, experienced generation can enter the competition. However, Japanese labor export companies work in a service oriented manner, so they are not too strict. In fact, the program is also receiving foreign labor so many factories do not recruit high-level labor.
Young age is still easier to go, popular age appropriate to participate is 19-30, the specific sectors but the factory can choose as completely mechanical (welding, turning) can take up to 32, textiles for women can be up to 35.
- There are age appropriate to go to Japan
Many questions about the age appropriate to go to Japan export labor
Why over 30 years old faced many difficulties when participating in the Japanese labor export program
- poor Japanese language skills
- Access to culture in the work of Japanese idle, personality, work style hard to change, difficult to protect than young work
• Recognize jobs only because money leads to pressure and changes in thinking, orientation when the business is in arduous or poorly paid work.
- Japanese labor export company does not want to receive by just want to go fast, do not want to train according to the company's process, quickly discouraged
- While there are many other problems, it is common practice to work over 30 years of age without the young labor. Most of these reasons arise from the labor market in Japan has many hardships such as: time to go long, have to learn languages, examinations, high cost, ...

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