Japan is a relatively good economy, ranking among the top three in the world's most developed economies. It can be said that Japan has been ahead of Vietnam for thousands of years in all respects, only taking into account their personal sense of being still the leader.
Why are Japanese people so strict about the workers?
This issue only those who have lived and exported the labor of Japan know that. At present, in Vietnam, the labor export market in Japan is one of the markets that many young people participate in. Therefore, this is the labor market which makes young people participate in this market.
The nature of the Japanese so far they always attach great importance to the issue of human consciousness because most people who participate in the export of Japanese labor or living in Japan can know about the Japanese people clearly more stringent. Many people do not fully understand the culture of the Japanese including those who have been there because they value individuals or labor for their own sake. How much will they pay for that, so in the Japanese market that also helps the motivation of workers more and more in the labor market in Japan than most of the market. The labor market, only the Japanese labor market is that they pay a relatively reasonable amount of money for the purpose of workers, so often in Japan workers also have a lot of extra work to The main income increases, so the labor force has a variable income from 30 millions to 50 millions Vietnamese Dong per month.
We also understand partly why the Japanese people are so concerned about the problem of workers like that.

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