1- Regular Passport:
BY THE DEPARTMENT OF IMMGRATION MANAGEMENT (A18) - Ministry of Public Security issued to Vietnamese citizens for travel abroad. Entry into the country must be accepted by the diplomatic mission (embassy) of the country and issued VISA newly entered. (Passport valid for 10 years).
* Application procedures for passport:
- Applicants must go directlyand do by themself.
- Dossiers of application for passports should be prepared:
+ 05 photos, 4 × 6 shirt, white background.
+ Household registration book: original with 01 copy.
+ Identity card: original + 01 copy.
+ Application for passport: Request form at the place of filing or on the Internet and make the form.
- Application fee: 200,000 VND.
- Place of filing: The Immigration Department of the province where the laborer registered his permanent residence.
Note: To take the initiative and limit the cost, the trainees should apply for the passport before the order is accepted. Passports must be signed in the passport and must be immediately submitted to the Center.
2 - Judicial record (Judicial) status: Valid for 6 months.
- Documents to be prepared:
+ 03 photos 4 × 6.
+ Household Registration Book: Original + photo (1 copy).
+ ID card: Original + photo (1 copy).
+ Declaration: Please fill in the form at the place where the application is submitted and make the form.
- Fee: 100,000 VND.
- Where to file: Provincial Police Department (Office PC 27).
In case of urgency, the Center can help to apply for permission in Hanoi.
3 –Health examination:
According to the Law on Vietnamese Labors going to work overseas under the contract dated 29 November 2006;
- Medical check-up at the hospital designated by the Taiwan side: The company will send the employee to a medical examination (valid health certificate is valid for 3 months).
- Vaccination as prescribed by Taiwan: Workers must be vaccinated 15 days prior to applying for VISA entry Taiwan.
- After entering Taiwan: Employees are checked back before going to work.
4 -VISA (visa): issued by the Taiwan representative office in Hanoi, allows workers to enter Taiwan under the signed contract. The validity of VISA in Vietnam is 03 months, if more than 03 months from the date of issuance without entering Taiwan will expire.
* Application for Visa:
- The application for VISA will be prepared directly by the Center and submitted to the competent authorities.
- Time limit for visa issuance: + Visa fast: 04 days - Fee 99 USD
+ Regular visa: 08 days - Fee 66 USD
- For the purpose of avoiding the name change, change the name of the change and the request of the Taiwan. When doing VISA workers must submit to the Center the following personal records and if there is a name wrong, Date of birth must be reported immediately when the laborer enrollment for the Center to compare pre-test:
+ ID card: Original and must be issued from 18 to 21 years old.
* If the ID card does not satisfy the above conditions, one of the following papers must be added for comparison:
+ Birth certificate: original.
+ Secondary or high school diploma or transcript: Original
+ Household registration book: Original issued before 2002.
+ Marriage certificate: Original before 2002.
+ Birth certificate of the child: The original.
Note: Full name, date of birth, birthplace must match ID card and passport. When working visa, workers must be present in Taipei Office to sign fingerprints.
Eligible employees will be recommended by the Center for their use in suitable factories. Prior to each recruitment, the center will announce the details of the order so that trainees can register.
1- Order and Recruitment Method:
The Department of Overseas Labor Management (MOLISA) said that since January 2010, the basic salary of laborers working in Taiwan has been raised to NT $ 19,273 (equivalent to more than 13.5 million dong / month).
+ Direct recruitment: Used by the employer and the Taiwan brokerage directly to the recruitment (usually applied to orders for large quantities or specific occupations: welding, sewing ...)
+ Networking: The user will interview and check over the computer network.
+ FORM: Employer will recruit labor through the CV sent by the Center.
Special attention:
- To achieve high results when recruiting participants require the fast action, head hair neatly, do not wear gold, jewelry, not to long nails, tie shoes and must obey guided by the center staff. Good Chinese is a great advantage so the Students have to pay attention to learn the language seriously. Some examinations of factory owners have physical examination: anti-push, sandbag raising ... so the Students have to pay attention to exercise to practice and to know the style when tested.
- In addition, for learners to learn English, learning foreign languages ​​and practice are equally important should pay attention to study well and must test the liver before entering school.
- Food Workers: Some factories do not get workers with hepatitis B.
2 - Deposit:
To ensure your own interests as well as show the seriousness of the registration to participate in the recruitment of orders. Director loves
All Students who are studying without having received the order must submit a deposit of VND 2,000,000 / person (with receipts). This amount will be transferred to the exit money, if not successful selection will be promoted to other orders. If for personal reasons, if not nominated or not accepted without the need to go to Taiwan will be returned to the center again. 3 - Deposit successfully accepted: - After the successful recruitment will have to deposit from 500-1000 USD, depending on each order, the Center will carry out the procedures for applying for VISA, booking airfare for laborers. - Upon successful enrollment, Students must actively prepare for financial preparation to pay exit. The center will provide the loan application in accordance with regulations to help loans at local banks + Borrow from the District Policy Bank: Apply for poor households in the commune (with poor household book). Children of war invalids and martyrs, families with meritorious services to the revolution. The maximum loan amount required by the bank is VND 30,000,000 for 01 loan application. + Loans at district agricultural bank: Apply for all subjects and the amount of loan is usually from 40 - 50 million VND per dossier (depending on each bank). However, whether or not the loan is considered depends on the Bank's decision, so the student must contact the bank first. Raising funds to avoid the case when the flight is not borrowing exits will affect the company's order and the labor itself will be fined due to cancellation of the order.
4 - Expenses for exit
- Under regulations of each order and will be notified before the recruitment.
- The exit fee will be paid at the center when the notice and the p the remaining amount after deducting the amount the employee deposited recruitment, matriculation deposit.
- Date of entry: will be decided by the owner.
- The center will notify laborers at least one week in advance to prepare a plan. 01 day before arrival.
- Center will arrange to send workers to the airport and check in at the airport. There will be representatives from the Taiwanese brokerage firm at the airport and the entry procedures will be followed, which will bring labor down to the workplace.
- All issues arising during the process. Jobs in Taiwan will be handled by the representative of the Center in Taiwan and the Taiwan Human Resources Company to help resolve promptly. Issues to consider before entering:
* About the entry profile: Company The envelope will be distributed to the Taiwanese Human Resources Company consisting of 2 envelopes:
+ Small envelope: will be paid to the officer at the airport for medical examination. : To be paid to the Taiwanese company before leaving for work. Note: Records must be kept carefully, and if lost, the entry will not be possible.
- Obtain the company uniform (male and female).
- Wear pants or khaki pants (both men and women).
- Wear sports shoes or bata shoes (do not wear slippers).
* About luggage:
- Hand baggage: not more than 7 kg.
- Carrying bag: not exceeding 30kg. All workers are required to check their health before going to work, so they are advised not to take any medicines before entering Taiwan for at least one day. Will try to find good orders, appropriate, ensure the interests of workers. The Students who have come to study must have the spirit of determination, obey the rules and guidelines of the Center. We are committed to helping you turn your desires into reality, along with you get rich from your own hand. Wish you success in the way you have chosen.

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