Recruitment returning trainees to Japan

Referring to Japan, most people will remember the developed country, living and working in a good environment has created a lot of value for Vietnamese people, so up to 90% of trainees  want to return to Japan to work after completing the 3-year process of work.
Since April 2019, Japan has begun implementing policies to expand the reception of foreign workers. Therefore, the opportunity for you to come back after completing the 3-year internship program becomes even easier.

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Immediately after receiving information about the changes in Japanese government policy. TIC International Joint Stock Company has cooperated with TIC's partner unions in Japan to organize recruitment sessions and assist trainees to complete the procedures to return to Japan in accordance with the law. As of October 2019, the Company has successfully completed procedures for more than 300 trainees to come back and work in Japan.
In November 2019, TIC will continue to show trainees who have been to Japan the opportunity to return with a second return order of up to 500 people.

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