TIC celebrated Vietnamese Teachers’ Day on November 20, 2019

On the occasion of the Vietnamese Teachers’ Day, November 20, TIC - International Joint Stock Company held a series of events with special performances and the Meeting to show the gratefulness and honor the teachers of the Company.
The program was held on November 17 and 18, 2019 with the attendance of the delegates, distinguished guests as well as all employees, teachers and trainees of the Company. This is an annual event, and 2019 is the 9th year TIC organizes this event.
The program started on November 5, 2019 with the online photo album contest which attracted a lot of attention from social media and channels. It attracted more than 23 classes of trainees studying at TIC, with impressive and creative images.
On November 17, 2019, a special festival showing the folklore of Japan was recreated at TIC with unique performances performed by students from classes.
Le Hoi Nhat   Lễ Hội

lễ hội dân gian
Japanese cultural festival
On the night of November 17, 2019, an elegant contest named “TIC’s beauty” took place on the campus of the Company with many excellent art performances. The contestants participating in this year’s contest were extremely beautiful and talented, causing the jury to consider carefully choosing Miss, Second winners and other beauty titles of TIC among 60 trainees primarily chosen.

biểu diễn 20-11
hoa khôi tic
Miss TIC in 2019

Múa Quạt    Múa Quạt hoa sen

điệu múa HV tic
The music and dance performance
On November 18, the Meeting program was celebrated for Vietnamese Teachers’ Day to summarize the training activities of the year, expressing gratitude and congratulations to all the teachers in the Company who have been and will continue to contribute efforts to the education of people, and at the same time honor teachers who have made outstanding achievements in education. Ms. Cao Thi Thanh won the title of Excellent Teacher on behalf of all teachers to share and thank the company leadership.
Cô Giáo Thanh
General Director awarded the title of Excellent Teacher

With the results that the training has brought about, it has created a certain success for the generations of TIC students. In response to the contribution of the teachers, on the occasion of Vietnamese Teachers’ Day, on behalf of all students studying at the Company, ……………….., a trainee of class TIC ... on behalf of thousands of students voiced their thoughts and the most sincere thanks to the teachers.
thầy cô tic
Các Thầy cô giáo trong công ty

The end of the Meeting was also the closing of this series of events. The Head of the Organizing Committee on behalf of the Company thanked all for attending the program and thanked all the staff who helped to make the event successful.

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