TIC celebrated Vietnamese Teachers’ Day on November 20, 2018

In the joyful atmosphere of the whole country to celebrate Vietnamese Teachers’ Day, in recent days, TIC - International Joint Stock Company has held many cultural, sport and camping activities, especially the program “TIC Elegant Trainees” was exciting with the participation of all employees and trainees of the company coming together to welcome the 20-11 day.
On November 17, 2018, from the beginning of the morning, the activities in the camping program were urgently completed by the trainees. The camps were built according to different criteria, camp 1 represented the country and people of Vietnam, camp 2 represented Japan, camp 3 was for Taiwan, camp 4 talked about South Korea and Camp 5 was the UK, USA and Canada.

Trại Việt Nam  Trại Hàn Quốc
Trại Anh Mỹ Canada
In the afternoon, the game programs were vibrantly held as tug of war, bringing air bridge, passing balloons without hands and especially the intellectual game of Golden Bell.

Chơi chuyển bóng   
The evening became more special with the contest “TIC Elegant Trainees”, which took place excitingly and impressively. The Chairman of the Board of Directors cum General Director, Mr. Tran Thanh Luong, made a speech and announced the opening of the program “TIC Elegant Trainees” in 2018.
Phát  biểu chủ tịnh
Mr. Tran Thanh Luong
In the “TIC Elegant Trainees” contest, the trainees started with the Ao Dai costume contest in the North, Central and South regions.
Áo dài miền bắc  Áo dài   Áo dài miền trung 
Ao Dai of 3 regions
Next was the talent competition. Each contestant had shown all their abilities, style and completed their part very professionally. Finally, it was the Evening Dress contest. The colorful evening dresses were performed by the trainees.
 The jury also had to consider very carefully to judge and select the most outstanding faces. Finally, the jury had decided and chosen 6 better candidates corresponding to the awards: the most beautiful Ao Dai, the most beautiful Evening Dress, the Lovable Face, the 2 Second Winners and especially  Miss Elegant of TIC.
Múa   Da hội
Nữ Sinh   Váy Dạ hội
Hoa khôi TIC

On November 18, 2018, TIC - International Joint Stock Company solemnly held a meeting to welcome and appreciate teachers, officials and employees in the whole company.
Opening the ceremony was a speech by Mr. Tran Thanh Luong, Chairman of the Board of Directors cum General Director of the company. With the precious and sincere feelings, and contribution that everyone has been for the company, he expressed his deep gratitude and hoped that the love will last longer and be more closely connected.
This was followed by an emotional sharing by Mr. Nguyen Luong Trao, Chairman of Vietnam Association of Manpower Supply, who represented all delegates and distinguished guests. Mr. Nguyen Luong Trao congratulated the Board of Directors of the Company, all teachers, officials and employees in the company and trainees.
Chủ tịch hiệp hội
Mr. Nguyen Luong Trao
The gratitude of the trainees for the teachers - their second father and mother.
A trainee representing over 700 other ones made speeches and promised to try their best to study not to avoid the expectations of the teachers when coming to the civilized, polite and present countries.
On behalf of the teachers, Mr. Nguyen Trong Chinh thanked the Board of Directors of the company and promised to play a part in teaching languages for trainees as their preparation on the career path.

Thầy Giáo ChinhTeacher Nguyen Trong Chinh
Also on this occasion, TIC -  International Joint Stock wished all teachers over the country good health, always having the good luck to firmly steer the boat to bring Vietnamese trainees’ generations to the shore of dream and more success.

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