Every year, on May 19, all staffs of the International Joint Stock Company - TIC gather to congratulate the company’s birthday. This year, the birthday party was held at the ASEAN RESORT in Thach That. It was funny, joyful, and emotional on the anniversary of the company's founding.
Attending the birthday of the Company, there were the guests, relatives, and families of the staff and all employees in the company.
After seven years, for every TIC person, it's not long, but not short neither. In 7 years, all of us have been together to overcome all the difficulties for completing the common goal, “For future development”. TIC has become the second home of every employee and colleague now and we become our close brothers and sisters in a family.
Before beginning the birthday party, the Company held the "Tug of war" to promote the spirit of solidarity, all member held their hands in a circle and divided into eight teams by chance, regardless children or women. All of us participated in this funny game.
Opening the 7th foundation anniversary was the thankfulness and congratulations of Mr. Tran Thanh Luong - Chairman of Board of Directors and General Director of the Company. The congratulations of the General Director have covered the process of formation, orientation, and vision for the development of TIC. He emphasized the achievements the Company have achieved during 07 years and did not forget to thank the cooperation and assistance of the partners, customers and staff’s contribution to TIC so that it can get the today's results.
In the sparkling candlelight of the birthday night, all people raised their cups to congratulate 7-year-old TIC and wished all TIC members would be always united and develop TIC together.
An intimate dinner party was held by all the staff and the Board of Directors as well as the customers and close partners of TIC. The atmosphere of the ceremony was extremely warm with laughter, singing and the birthday congratulations of all the participants.
Along with that joy, many wishes were sent to the members of Board of Directors on this anniversary. Especially there was a poem of a staff donated to the whole company with the title: “Thank TIC”
Dịch thơ (Chỉ dịch nghĩa – Không dịch vần)
Happy birthday to our Company
There are some verses to be given
Celebrate TIC's new age
Great success, great wealth
Money, guests always are crowed
Reputation spreads throughout Vietnam.
Offices in the Central, South and North provinces
Sales are always on the top!
Labor export and study abroad
Steady departure makes the enormous reputation.
Also during the ceremony, Organizer also gave awards to the tug-of-war teams and departments participating in the performance of the singing contest.
At the end of the party, all the staffs of TIC and the guests came to the stage and sang the song “For tomorrow’s world” by TIC.

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