Today February 23 is a special day with the most special person in the company. That is the anniversary of the birthday of the Chairman of Board of Directors, and as General Director, Mr. Tran Thanh Luong.
It was a very meaningful and sacred day when all employees in the company were present early and completed the preparation for the birthday of the General Director.
Phu NHân TGĐ
Photo - Welcome General Director

In the spirit of responding to the anniversary, all members of the Board of Directors and staffs stood in line and welcomed the presence of the General Director. Paper firecrackers, bursting applause exploded in the auditorium with the best birthday wishes for the boss on this important day.
Phu nhân tặng hoa
Photo - General Director and his wife

            General Director’s wife, the representatives of other campuses and Tokyo representative offices gave flowers to congratulate the General Director. Fresh flower baskets represented the hearts of the members of the TIC Big Family, and the red roses expressed the love that the Lady gave to her husband. With those noble feelings, our beloved leader was deeply moved. He thanked them all with the best wishes to each member of the TIC family and their relatives.

Em trai TH   Pho TGĐ
Photo - Vice General Director gave flowers for congratulation.

HS Nhật   Đại Diện Nhật

Photo - Japanese Center and Tokyo representative office gave flowers for congratulation.
Next was a sweet party with birthday cake, fruit and candies.
Once again, the General Director thanked the sincere sentiments that people have given him on his birthday and wished health and success. Wish the company more and more developed and prosperous with TIC common house.

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