Dear our guests, colleagues and trainees!
First of all, on behalf of Board of Directors, I would like to send my most sincere greetings to all the guests, colleagues and trainees who attend the celebration of Vietnam Teachers’ Day of TIC-International Joint Stock Company today. Wish you good health and success and good luck to the ceremony.
Nhà Giáo VN 2017
Photo – Performance of Japanese language teachers

Annual November 20 is considered a sacred holiday of Vietnam to acknowledge the gratitude of those who have contributed to teaching and training people program; to send our gratitude and deep affection to the teachers who have worked hard to improve and train the future generations creating the development of the country. TIC-International Joint Stock Company is a trading company, but with a particular nature, annual November 20 is considered one of the largest and most meaningful ceremonies of the year. Together the whole country to celebrate the special occasion, today, TIC-International Joint Stock Company solemnly celebrates it to show our congratulations and gratitude to the teachers all over the country and especially to TIC teachers, who have been teaching and directing TIC trainees to the dreams of building a brighter future.
Dear all,
TIC-International Join Stock Company has 4 training centers all over the country with the training scale of thousands of students per year. In recent years, TIC Company has been training and making exiting procedures for many trainee generations of TIC to work in Asian and European markets. We are also very proud of accepting and training many trainees coming to TIC in all region of the country for the trust, for the prestige and sincerity of TIC.
Being aware of the responsibilities that we are bearing is the future and the life of the trainees, TIC Company always put the quality of training on the top. The Company has created the training curricula suitable for each country, each time, each trainee, from the north to the south. The Company always gives priority to equipping facilities for teaching; the teachers are always trained professional knowledge and many staffs have been sent to study abroad. At home you are the children of your parents, at TIC school you are the children of TIC teachers.
TIC has trained foreign languages, lifestyles, practiced your awareness, health, necessary skills for trainees to live and work and helped you know the future direction. That is also why the trainees increasingly come to TIC and you are more and more obedient and mature.
Giáo Viên TIC   Tập Thể GV

Dear all,
            TIC-International Joint Stock Company is proud to be a prestigious company and is in the top position in the labor export market in Vietnam. It can be said that the achievements, efforts, and enthusiasm of the training field are the main factors to create that success. On behalf of the Board of Directors, on this great day, I would like to send my thanks and gratitude to over 100 TIC staffs and teachers who have been devoting themselves to the creation of TIC trainee generations who are well-mannered, well-trained and especially work with the whole staffs of the Company to create bright future for the trainees. I wish you good health and always keep the fire in the career of training people.
Finally, on behalf of TIC Board of Directors, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the presence of the distinguished guests, all staffs, teachers, and all TIC trainees. Wish you, teachers and trainees good health, happiness and success in your life. Wish our celebration will be a great success.

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