From 0h on March 18, it suspends the issuance of visas for foreigners entering Vietnam
Government Office has just announced 102/TB-VPCP on the conclusion of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc at the Government Standing Committee on COVID-19 prevention and control mentioned the content above.
Practice shows that the COVID-19 disease will continue to evolve complicatedly around the globe, causing serious consequences. Vietnam is still a country with a great risk of spreading the disease, but it is still in the golden phase to control the infection.
 Therefore, all branches and authorities must thoroughly grasp the spirit of “fighting against epidemics such as fighting against the enemy”, implement well the 4-at place motto, mobilize the entire political system to take part in, best prepare manpower and facilities, get ready to respond in case of widespread outbreaks, minimize getting and dying because of disease.
 In special cases, it is required to have a corona virus-free certificate.
 Specifically, the cases which are exempted from a visa or visa exemption certificate are the ones issued to Vietnamese people and relatives.
Other special cases when entering the country must be certified not positive for coronavirus issued by the competent authorities of the host country and approved by Vietnam.
 The above-mentioned measures do not apply to people on entry for diplomatic or official purposes.
Cases of entry must undergo inspection and comply with appropriate epidemic prevention and control measures under regulations.
 Isolating concentratedly immigrants from the US, Europe, and ASEAN countries.
 In addition to the current cases of concentratedly isolated entry, the concentrated isolation shall be carried out for people from the US, Europe and ASEAN countries; at the same time, isolation and medical supervision at home, enterprises, accommodation establishments and group supervision for subjects not under concentrated isolation.
Continue to minimize flights from the epidemic area to Vietnam. The Ministries of Health, Defense, Police, and Transport consider and decide the landing position of flights from the epidemic area to ensure the isolation of entry people and disease prevention and control.
 Noi Bai International Airport said that on March 19, international passengers traveling to Noi Bai from the epidemic area will be separated and sent to concentrated isolation. Medical declarations and testing samples will be made in isolation.
 The change of the above medical declaration location for visitors from the epidemic area is aimed at reducing congestion due to the implementation of many medical quarantine procedures for visitors on entry, under the guidance of Deputy Minister of Health Nguyen Thanh Long and Deputy Minister of Transport Le Anh Tuan at the March 18 night meeting at Noi Bai airport.
 Guests of non- epidemic area flights to Noi Bai airport will make medical and entry declarations according to the process:
 1. The international medical quarantine officer issues medical declarations to passengers of international flights until they arrive at passenger terminal T2.
 2. Passengers enter the quarantine area, make a medical declaration at the tables arranged at the station, then they submit the declarations to the quarantine team. Medical staffs check the information on the declarations, in case any of the information items are incomplete, additional declarations are required.
 For those who make electronic declarations, it is required to check if their information has been collected in the system or not (done from March 10, 2020 at Noi Bai airport). If there is no information declared in the electronic system, the passengers will declare in paper.
 3. After completing the medical declarations, the passengers will cross the area with an automatic thermometer to do the immigration procedures. Here, the Police Department of Noi Bai International Airport will check the passport of passengers, if detected passengers passing through the epidemic area, they will be transferred to medical quarantine. The medical quarantine will combine information from the border gate police and information from the medical declaration to decide on medical isolation.
If the passenger is in quarantine, he/she will stay at a separate area in front of the immigration clearance area so that the authorities will put him/her on isolation. The case of passengers with fever when going through the thermometer will be examined, clinically diagnosed and transferred to the hospital for isolation. Passengers’ checked baggage will be transferred to an isolated area by the authorities.
4. Non-quarantined passengers: after completing entry procedures, receiving checked baggage and checking customs before leaving for public areas and leaving the airport.

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