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Independence - Freedom - Happiness
I. General introductionTIC - International Joint Stock Company was established on May 18, 2011, formerly a unit under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam, was founded by a team of young leaders, thermal blood, experience in the field of human resources.
Transaction name: TIC-INTERNATIONAL JOINT STOCK COMPANY; Headquarter address: NV1-3, No173 Xuan Thuy, Dich Vong Hau Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi.
Throughout process of formation and development, with continuous efforts of all employees, learners, collaborators and partners ... our company has achieved many great achievements and constantly growing. Commitment to customers, significant contribution to the labor export industry and society in Vietnam.
With the achievements, TIC has received many Certificates of Merit for outstanding individuals and leaders of state management agencies, especially in 2017, the Vietnam Labor Exporters Association Certificate of 5 star rating.
Our company's current position is one of the leading companies in the field of sending laborers to work abroad in a timely manner, especially in Japan and Taiwan. In addition, TIC also operates in field of travel consultancy, tourism and some other business.
TIC strives to become an enterprise with advanced management, facilities and professional working methods leading Vietnam in the field of labor export.
In the future, our company will become the leading Vietnamese company in the field of labor export, having the leading prestige in international labor export market, expanding and developing the business fields of our company.
Mission of training and providing high quality labor for customers with improvement of capacity and increasing level of each staff in our company. Exploiting and developing new business fields along with the development of domestic and international potential tourism market.
Business philosophy.
The employee is "the center". Workers' rights are always placed on the issue of profitability.
Continuously renovate, create and promote the human capacity in combination with the use of modern technology.
To respect human resource development training, identifying human resources is the key to success. Always ensure that all employees are trained and fostered professionally to complete their jobs.
Always show sincerity, concern, listen, understand and accurately capture the expectations of customers, from which there are appropriate products and services, to meet the needs of the increasing demand. row.
In every job, every individual needs sense of continuous improvement even the smallest to achieve higher results.
Enterprises that want to develop sustainably have to take responsibility for society and the environment.
Quality and prestige.TIC always considers "quality" and "prestige" as its core values ​​with aim of building trust and prestige for customers by quality of service, honesty and honesty. high responsibility. TIC considers quality as the primary goal of the business, meeting the needs, trust and desire of customers. Dedicated, Professional and Intellectual.TIC expects all employees of the company with the level and wisdom will always strive to work according to the criteria: We bring the best service, friendly with customers, enthusiasm for work. Be nimble, accurate, creative at work, be in compliance with the principles set. 
Has extensive knowledge, stability in work at high intensity and quality, reliable. Positive thinking before difficulties. Cooperation and Sharing. TIC expects its staffs to uphold the spirit of solidarity, promote collective wisdom, and strive for the common cause of development, against all negative phenomena. Affecting the Company's performance and image. Cooperation in the spirit of honesty, fairness, willingness to share, stick together to solve the work, together develop, act together for the success and continuous development of TIC.
How to greet.
Standing with a poise, facing the opposite person show respect.
Keep your back straight, bow your head.
Smile showing goodwill after greeting.
When the greeter is busy communicating with another person, it may be just to laugh or bow to greet the object.
Object, greeting and greeting time:
For partners: stand bowed with greeting (greet in foreign language if foreign). When customers come: "Hello Mr / Ms / Mr / Ms"
Bow down, smile and greet when the customer returns (greet in foreign language if foreign).
For superiors:
"Hello Mr / Ms"
When meeting with leaders, employees must greet first, showing respect, politeness.
The leader responds with a friendly greeting, nodding in response.
To co-workers: "Hi, you"
• Greeting colleagues early in the morning.
• Older people greet older people first.
• Employees must meet politely when they meet.
• Interested in meeting with colleagues in illness, tribulation, sharing joy, sadness in life.
Priority of greeting: Employee of superior superior, superior greeted when offered.
Colleagues of the same age: Minors greet older people
 How to shake hands.
Use one hand and mainly use the right hand to catch.
When you look directly at the other person's eyes (avoid looking at the other person's eyes if they are high-level leaders like the President or the head of a religious community, etc.).
Shake hands with equality, stand up straight, friendship and respect each other. It should be light, warm, friendly.
Shake hands one by one in order to come first, later, older people, higher positions. When the social position is low, wait for the partner to actively shake hands.
Do not bend back or take both hands of the opposite person when shaking hands.
Do not show objection, bending over the object despite how important the object.
Do not shake hands for too long, shake many times accompanied by laughter or speak loudly with both hands.
Introduce with low status people to high status.
Introduce with name attached to position.
Introduce with the person in the agency in advance with the partner or newcomer (preferably by position).
With partners, brief introduction of your name and your department  you are working at the company.
Avoid cumbersome.
Keep polite, humble attitude when introduced.
Employees in the company need to keep and promote the culture:
Respect, sincerely, listen and share. Live the rules, polite to the above, tolerate the lower. Kindness, love and willingness to help colleagues in trouble.
 Honestly do not say two words to colleagues. Do not say bad, critic, comment behind anyone.
 When critics and commenters only talk about specifics without speculation, say specific people without saying the community, just say the event work without saying the human personality.
 Expressive, understandable and inspirational.
 Use words that are simple, clear, accurate, relevant to the subject and the content is exchanged to avoid abstract words, words that are easily misleading or too specialized. Do not repeat events with the same tone, do not say swallowing, should not say while eating, chewing gum or smoking.
Speak to express your opinion. Avoid interrupting others or exaggerating humor that disturbs others.
Ask the customer first and actively help (even when the customer does not have to see).
Open the door to welcome guests, smiling and greeting politely asking about the purpose
Visitors to the company are all responsible for greeting, guided and enthusiastic reception in the company's living room.
The attitude of the receptionist (direct or by telephone) must be polite, attentive, listening, dedicated to meeting the legitimate requirements or refusing to dexterity their unreasonable demands.
Quick, timely manner.
Communicate with kindness, intimacy, friendliness.
Make sure you are ready and ready at all times.
Respect customers, partners.
Quickly resolve inquiries, complaints of customers, partners aim. serve the most effective.
Communicate openly with customers, partners in authority, willing to accept suggestions and ideas for improvement of customers and partners.
Listen to, try to understand the customer, partner to be able to express the words in accordance with their ability to pay attention.
In communication with customers, partners must respect the respect of their superiors and colleagues, do not brag about the organization, the boss and colleagues.
Make the right commitment with the customer.
For the workplace of the individual.
Keep your workplace clean, neat.
Arrange equipments for work of personal items neatly, scientifically.
Materials must be folded neatly, seats should be put under the table when leaving the workplace.
Maintain and preserve the equipment for work such as computers, printers, scanners, telephones, fax machines, photocopiers, tables and chairs, etc.
To use energy saving devices such as air conditioners, electric fans, water, drinking water.
Put trash in the trash.
For the common working environment.
Do not throw garbage indiscriminately, pick up garbage on the office path.
No smoking in common rooms, meeting rooms and areas
 "Do not smoke".
Do not eat snacks at work.
No gathering, chatting, noisy conversation that affects people around.
Do not tell lies, tell funny stories at work.
Always aware of the behavior, the phenomenon can be explosive.
Take care to keep green, clean and beautiful. Contact the responsible department for timely handling of issues related to the general hygiene of the company.
Remind people to have a sense of common sanitation.
Employees wear uniforms of the Company during work and during business trips.
Dress neatly, cleanly, preserve and keep dressed.
For men: + Hair is not covered all face, cover all ears
+ The coat is not covered
+ Mustache and mustache should be trimmed neatly
+ Uniforms are clean, clean, flat
For women: + Hair can not cover face
+ Hairstyle is neat
+ Uniform are neat, flat, clean
+ Make up lightly
Communication style, behave civilized, polite.
Stand upright, steady, not rush, hurry but not too slow.
Talk quietly, humbly.
Do not put your hands in your pants pocket during communication.
Submitting papers to the upper level should be done with two hands. Thanks the superiors after receiving comments for approval.
Give way to older people, upper level, women.
Walk quietly to avoid noise: Knock the door gently into the workroom.
 When walking in company, do not shoulder, hold hands, stare or just point to the office.
Encountering cramped place to give way, if you want to get over to ask permission.
Make way for your boss and your guests: Smiling and bowing to meet guests.
Do not rely on walls or anything when talking.
Work on time.
When working and tan shifts must punch the card, do not punch the card.
Asking people when they come to work.
Send the car before moving to the card holder.
Do not eat breakfast or eat snacks during working hours.
Communicate in advance with the manager when absent or late.
Not leaving the workplace during working time except when going to work or in case of necessity.
Do not access another person's computer without the owner's consent.
Do not play video games, listen to music during business hours. Absolutely no look at black  websites on the Internet.
Expressing unhappiness, not expressing personal problems while working.
Turn off all electrical equipment and place the safety equipment in place.
Goodbye when leaving the office.
In the work.
Absolutely obey the orders of the superior.
Report, promptly clarify the information requested by the board of directors, the control committee.
At the end of day before or at beginning of the day, each person schedules the day in chronological order and priority.
Strictly and consciously observe the rules and regulations of the Company.
Remind, entice, persuade others to comply with the rules and regulations of the Company.
Submit periodical and irregular reports on time, ensuring the quality of contents and forms.
Have a sense of responsibility in supporting and coordinating work with individuals and
 Other units, other works.
Exemplary unit in the implementation of corporate culture.
Criticism, suggestions for subordinates, colleagues should be subtle, constructive and timely, in the right place.
Always have the spirit of cooperation and help hard for colleagues.
Use business cards.
Need to prepare a few cards so that you can give your card at the first meeting
Business cards can be accompanied with gifts, souvenirs or can be used to visit thanks.
Do not use old, crumpled, broken corners.
No more information on the card.
Business card templates are used in accordance with the Company's regulations.
How to exchange business cards.
A person introduces himself or herself to a business card.
The person introduced the business card after receiving the card of the opposite person.
Stand up when giving your business card, so nod slightly when receiving business cards.
Keep one hand at a distance when receiving business cards. Look and confirm the information on the card.
When exchanging business cards with many people, start with the highest position.
When exchanging business cards with two groups, start with the heads of both groups.
Arrange the cards with two groups, starting with the heads of both groups.
Rearrange business cards after receipt and do something to keep in mind those who have met.
Stick your left hand card and get it with your right hand.
Answer no more than three bells.
When called, first sentence: Greeting + confession.
Upon receiving phone, the first sentence: Alo + TIC is listening
While speaking: in short, clear, without affecting the surrounding people, cheerful, positive voice express the willingness to help.
Do not argue over the phone, always keep calm.
The voice is polite, listen to what others say, speak clearly, so that others can understand what they mean.
Do not interrupt mid-sentence of other people even if they know what they are talking to before.
If guests call, when the exchange is complete, let the guests hang up before. If you call, when the exchange to greet and permission to hang up.
End the call with a greeting or thanks, put the phone gently.
Set the phone ringing enough, not to ring the bell does not affect people around (especially for mobile phones).
Where the caller left the message, the recipient of the call must be responsible for handing over the message as soon as possible.
Prepare pen paper to record when the phone call to record specific content to exchange to avoid waiting time and waste of money customers. Hold your pen in your right hand, prepare the content of the talk before calling for a short and sufficient.
Comprehensive Email consists of: + Headline: Briefly convey message, which is overall content of the email.
+ Greeting: show respect to email recipients, show courtesy. Example: Dear Mr / Mrs.... Dear Mr / Mrs...!, Dear Sir ..., Dear Sir/ Madam ... Should be unified language, is a foreign language, all must be foreign language, when using the Vietnamese must respect the language mother tongue training
+ Content and attachments: The email content should be short, concise, divided into several paragraphs according to each presentation, in each paragraph should limit a few sentences. If there are many problems to be addressed, it should be presented in a sequential or a sequential manner for each issue. Always check the spelling and grammar, capital letters before sending a show of respect, serious when sending emails.
+ The end: The bottom of mail is the sentence and thank them for attention or time
read mail, and expect feedback from the recipient. End the email with a greeting or greeting message depending on the content of the email and the recipient. For example: "Thanks" or "Thanks and Regards," "Your faithfully," "Best regards," "Dear," "Good day!"
Use email signature at the bottom of email: In order to facilitate the recipient of mail in response. Usually the content of the signature ends the email including name, title and contact information such as email address, telephone number (including email, skype and local phone number), fax, office address.
Replying to email: Show courtesy in email communication, especially the respect of the lower level to the boss. When you receive an email with no response time, send a notification email that you have received the email and that the message will be officially replied as soon as possible. When you can not check mail in a day or more, set up an auto responder.
Proper use of the recipient's role in sending mail: To, Cc and Bcc: + To: Represent the direct mail recipient, who plays a key role in processing the information. The sender expects a response from the recipient.
+ Cc: Shows the person receiving the information. This person does not need to respond to or handle the issues mentioned in the email.
+ Bcc: Shows the person receiving the information secretly. This person does not need to respond to or handle the issues mentioned in the email.
- Create convincing e-mails and highlight the message by using the following expressions: Letter size / Fonts / letter color...
- The order of replies to emails: Any message is urgent, must respond first. Also, priority should be given to: partners, company leaders, employees at the same level.
Leadership culture. Monthly meeting is the highest leadership in month for all activities of the company. The leader must:
Establish and implement successful short-term and long-term goals.
Awarded for subordinate functions, clear tasks.
Exemplary performance culture company.
Create a reliable, open and collaborative working environment.
Interest, guidance, subordinate support. Encouraging staff timely, rewarding, disciplined and fair.
Meeting protocol.
Arrive at least 5 minutes before the meeting begins.
In the event of improper reasons not being able to attend the meeting or to arrive late, the organizer must notify the organizer as soon as possible and before the meeting commences.
Understand requirements and content of meeting in general and personal responsibility in particular, if there are any unclear or disagreement, then exchange
Adhere to operating rules of the person who presides over the meeting.
Let your phone vibrate so it does not affect the people around you. Limiting the phone during the meeting, only the phone when meeting two conditions: the phone is not the speaker is speaking, is speaking not the main subject of the presentation, speech. In the case of a phone call, the listener must leave the meeting room. The maximum length of the meeting is 5 minutes. Do not work alone in meetings such as reading books, newspapers, playing games on the phone ... Respect the opinion of others, must express the positive attitude, the spirit of construction during the meeting. Listen to the opinions of others before presenting their own ideas. Avoid interrupting others. Always think of the panorama before speaking. Seat in the meeting. During partner meetings: The senior leaders of the Company are in the chair. Partners sitting opposite the company leaders. The second most important person of Company is the right hand of the company leaders. The placement is next in order.
Constantly improving the ability to fulfill assigned tasks. Comply with the technical regulations, rules and regulations of the company and laws of the state. Saving time, money and assets of the Company. Dedicated to work, customers, colleagues. No social evils.
Staff members actively participate in cultural activities, sports and physical training company organized by the Company beautiful in the company culture.
For traveling, visiting according to the regime that the company has defined, must warmly participate and behave in compliance with collective spirit in the organization and implementation.
For public holidays and private holidays in accordance with the Company's regulations, each individual should promote the spirit of solidarity in the organization (if any).
The trade union committee of the administrative organization shall pay visits to officials who are sick or suffering from fatigue.
Trade union organization department together with the organization of employees happy birthday.
Employees in the wedding company, the management unit directly responsible for divide the fun.
Relatives lost employees, the company has the responsibility to visit and share sadness with the family.
Employees themselves lose, the company is responsible for family funeral.
Being as a company with many events in the year, events are always organized by the Administrative Organization. When attending the event, all employees must:
Join full, punctual, do not give up before.
Comply with regulations of Organizing Committee.
Cooperation stirred the movement.
Help colleagues in the preparation work.
Together to create a more lively, fun, warm and united organization.
Promote your ability to have the best repertoire.
Take part in building ideas in the program development.
Give your heartfelt comments to draw on the experience of organizing events for the next event.
 "The culture of TIC -International Joint Stock Company is the foundation for the development and affirmation of the brand. Each staff member must have good sense of contents of this culture to contribute to the great success of TIC. When the company has a culture of its own, then TIC - International Joint Stock Company has succeeded in asserting its brand.


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